Kate Beckmann 9 months ago • updated by t.scarden 8 months ago 5

Im stuck in gardeners lab....hint keeps telling me to brew root but I have brewed all roots and poisened plant...what am I missing???????

I first had exactly the same problem as did Kate. So I uninstalled Blue Tear and reinstalled it a few days later and started from the beginning under a new game play name. This time I got to about the same point in the game, but instead of being locked out by the hint to brew the root, I keep getting told to take the boat, for which I have found the steering gear, to the family grave yard. However, the boat won't move and I can find nothing else of support in any of the game scenes. It is my opinion that this is a software problem with Blue Tear rather than a player problem.

Anyone have a solution for this?

I am not sure where this is in the game Blue Tear and I can't remember having to do that.The worse with this game is you can't go back in time in your Notebook....I find sometimes you can get a clue there. I too have a problem with the game. When you come to the farm and go to the garden, you are supposed to find a bell and some feed to put on the bird feeder......can't find it! In the same place in order to access the garden you have to put an arrow sign on it......can't find that either! If anyone knows either of these things, I would appreciate it if you could forward it on.

Thank you

just got to that point. start motor. then back once. then point to island. should work.

I have found the problem... I was supposed to pick up the arrow key to get into the garden. This key is in the HO puzzle in the Gazebo. I remember doing the HO part but The indian spirit was supposed to prompt me to get it,,,,but that never happened for me. Anyone know a way I can fix this without having to delete the game and then later to reload again???? Please someone tell me I don't have to reload. Otherwise I love this game.....so many puzzles. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

Thank You