Golam 1 year ago • updated by Red Sparks 9 months ago 4

d Air-Assault and Air-Assault2. after install hwen I am trying to play game. the game exe stop working.

Same here. They used to work before but now they crash when I try to open them. If I recall correctly, they stopped working before Windows 10 was installed. Couldn't find a solution online.

For Windows 10, try to go to properties for the game and set compatibility to another windows setting, As far as Windows XP and 7, Try checking your Anti-virus settings and see if that works.

I am running 7 and that does not work Never had a problem until now.

I had the same problem and reason is graphics card. Air Assault and Air Assault 2 don't work on Nvidia graphics cards.

Go to Nvidia Control Panel and set integrated graphics card as primary for these files:
game.exe and AirStrike.exe in Air Assault
game.exe and AirStrike2.exe in Air Assault 2
Then it should work.