hidden object

richard 1 year ago • updated by Tom Pizzino 6 months ago 5

why have you not done any hidden object games in a while

Hey Richard, I think, they don't create the games here themselves... I guess, they collect them here. Somehow like on a streaming website... ;)

And if there aren't new games, they can't put them here...

They are also working on getting games that have glitches in them fixed by the makers of the games along with getting more games on their site.

Hello Richard...have you played Blue Tear and if so did you have a glitch in the hints for garden lab???? I have brewed all roots and poisoned plant and done absolutely everything else possible but the goals and the hints keep saying to brew the root in garden lab...frustratingly stuck :)....have I missed something????

Kate, I had the same problem with Blue Tear, I kept on going back and forth and if I remembered right, had to get something else and then go back to that box on the table and put together a picture of the seeds and then got something to continue the game. I did finish it.

I would like to see more Hidden Objects on Game Top, I did all of them and looking for more on your site.