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Down loaded game and getting a message Wrapgame.exe has stopped working

Chris 2 years ago • updated by mahporter 2 months ago 19

Wrapgame.exe has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will
close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

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Hello Chris,

Can you please provide us with more details: which game are you trying to launch? what is your PC configuration? Which Windows version do you use?

l have the same problem,and l have windows 10. l then uninstalled the game and tried to download it again but then it said the game is corrupted. What now?

The wrapgame.exe has stopped working message shows up without warning on many games, even those that previously ran fine. The only way to get out of a game that this happens to is to open the task manager and end wrapgame there. Running an up to date Win 10. This is annoying!!

Hi I am getting the same thing on 2 games recently downloaded, they are......Gardenscapes 2 and Inbetween Land. I am on Vista 32bit? Gardenscapes got over halfway through before it started but I can't even open Inbetween Land as it pops up immediately???

Gardenscapes 2 is doing the same with me.

Same problem with In between Land and Golden Trails 3. Very frustrating

Hi All

I am also getting the wrapgame.exe when trying to play Inbetween Land I'm on Windows 10. The game downloads fine and installs. Thanks

as above - same error on Gardenscapes Mansion Makeovers. Very annoying and ready to uninstall as all other fixes I have tried haven't worked and makes the game a waste of space and unplayable

My question to all who are experiencing these issues is. Are you using the standard shortcut created by the installation process? I too have had problems of this nature, but since I have started modifying the shortcut to use said games exe instead of "game.exe" many of my issues have gone away. This may be an isolated incident, but I thought I would share a "fix" that has helped me with a lot of these games stopping or not starting. Most of my games from GameTop are installed on an all-in-one running windows 8.1. Hope this helps

I am getting said error for the games - Bombermani and Sky Fire.


    I get same type of game error for the game - 1. Bombermania and 2. Sky Fire

   I am using Windows 8 .

   Please solve the problem for Bombermani as soon as possible.

I am sorry you are having trouble with your downloaded games. I have downloaded and installed both Bombermania and Sky Fire. I have played both of them without any occurrences. I would first try a fresh download from GameTop. If that doesn't work try one from another site such as "https://bombermania.en.softonic.com/". If you still experience the same problems, I would then contact the makers of the game to help determine what is going on between your system and the game software. I like GameTop, but they aren't the only supplier of free games.


   I am unable to download error free file.

If would you send me the .exe file to my e-mail, i shall thankfull to you.

Please, send .exe file for Bombermania to this e-mail :



The Wrapgame problem occurs over and over from various sites (GameTop, MyRealGames, etc). And the game developers won't help because we did not pay for the individual games. No receipt, no help.

I'm getting  the same "wraparound" error in Gardenscapes 2.  It happens every time I try to buy the bannisters during the game.  I cannot get past this point, although I did buy the clock.  Any answers yet?  I even cleared the cache  and freed up more memory.  No help.    PLEASE find a solution.  Using windows 8.1.                        exhaltedchris@cox.net

This is the second time I've posted. This happens on several games and, since getting Windows 8, it's even more common. I noticed this has been "under review" by support for over a year!

Download latest version of direct x and it will solve the problem at most.

I downloaded InBetween Land twice, and twice it wouldn't run, after downloading and installing. Then I wrote to Gametop about it, and am still waiting for a response.  I meant to tell them about "wrapgame" error I was getting too, but forgot, but I got the error both times I tried to play it.  I hope this gets fixed soon.  I have DirectX 11, and I'm pretty sure that's the latest one, so I don't think it's that.

This has been going on for over a year - the Wrapgame problem. GameTop just doesn't seem to be able to fix it or contact users. The issue has been Under Review" for over a year.