Season Match 4 Problem

Carol 11 months ago • updated by gsmith204 6 months ago 1
Went all through the game, then was asked if I wanted to start again from beginning, which I did.
Got to level 60 with 3 stars on every level, but cant get through portal to next stage, as not enough elixir
The flowerbeds only produce 3 flowers at a time and there is no improve option as before. The fountains dont work.
I uninstalled game and deleted it from download folder.
Redownloaded and reinstalled, run game, only to end up back at levels 31 to 60 where I left off.
I have tried deleting download history, web history and cookies.
I have even deleted it from the registry, but same thing happens.
How do I get a fresh game which starts from beginning please.

Re: Season Match 4 problem (Carol) I am having the exact same problems with the game and cannot get anymore elixir from the fountains and I've tried dozens of times. Also, on level 39 on the minigame of 6 games for 3 stars each, what is that black ball on #3? It says I need 9 of them and don't even know what they are. I have played over and over and still don't know what it is as there are no rules, how to play instructions, nothing. What gives?