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Gardenscapes 5 Mansion Makeover on windows 10 stops working

caro10 1 year ago • updated by Zeina 3 months ago 12

Gardenscapes 5 Mansion Makeover downloaded on Windows 10 and plays part way through

then stops and closes. Any solutions to this problem?

I had the same issue so I uninstalled and now I can't reinstall it!

I am having the same experience with gardenscapes 2mansion with Windows 10. No one seems to have an answer. Mine stops just as it starts raining, after buying the clock.

Sure would like to finish the game.

I'm using Vista and my problem is the same with Gardenscapes 2 that it crashes after I buy the clock, it's raining and then it happens. I stopped my anti-virus but that didn't help. I even tried changing to Windows XP mode and it still crashes.

Same issue with Gardenscapes Mansion Make over. crashes everytime after selecting the rails. I am using Windows 7

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Hello, can you please describe exactly what is the problem with the game?

The problem EXACTLY is that the game crashes, during the raining sequence when the character turns the tv on, the tv stops working and he wants to check the antennae outside. As he begins to walk, the program crashes

I am also having problems with Gardenscapes 2. After buying the clock it crashes and the message says " wrapgame.exe has stopped working."

How do I fix this it is very annoying. Sounds as though the exe file is missing. Please help to find a solution. Apparently I am not the only user with the same problem.


When might we have a solution? I see someone posted similar over 2 months ago !


Once or twice it just flat out disappeared but i usually get a message that is something like wrapgame.exe has stopped working. I usually just restart it. Sometimes it happens again (so i play something else), sometimes it doesn't happen and I play a couple rooms, then end the game normally. Mine does not seem to crash at any one spot as jillbryan26. just when I am doing a room.

Sometimes Gardenscapes MM crashes when it is the only game open, sometimes crashes when I am playing other games and switch to it for a while. . Once in a while it has crashed within minutes of clicking start, sometimes after I play a while, Don't recall this happening with the original Gardenscapes.

I have it on Windows 10 and Windows 8. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Still the error, although not as often. I figured, free game, whatever.

I have the same problem. I run windows 10.  I uninstalled the game because the crashes and now I can't re-install it.  It keeps telling me an exe file is missing.  I paid for this game.  It irritates me that I can not play it.

The version of Mansion Makeover that you get from Gametop is only a sample; it stops at the grandfather clock.  You

can buy the full version from Walmart in, "Treasures of Lost Worlds", or download it from a web site.

Hi, my garden scapes not opening any more after they ask for updating . What should I do ?